City Simulation Games And City Building Games 

These video games allow players to create, manage, and control a city or settlement. These games can be used for educational purposes, allowing players to learn about urban planning and the challenges of city management.

There are many different types of City Simulation Games and City Building Games. Some games focus on creating a realistic simulation of a city, while others focus on creating a fun and interesting city. Some games allow players to play in the cities they create, while others do not.

City Building Games and City Simulation Games may or may not be based on history or fiction. They may feature real-world buildings, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or they may use fictional buildings, such as the Death Star from the Star Wars movies.

Most City Simulation Games and City Building Games are designed for computers, but some games are designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. There are also a few virtual reality (VR) games that allow players to experience being in a city.

The first City Simulation Games and City Building games were created in the 1970s. The first versions of these games enabled players to create cities without much control over how the cities were built. Many modern versions of these games allow players to decide which buildings should be built and where they should be placed. Some newer versions also allow players to decide what types of businesses or residences should be allowed in different neighbourhoods, as well as what services are available in those neighbourhoods.

One unique feature shared by many City Simulation Games and City Building Games is that they are designed with mod-ability in mind, allowing for users to modify the game themselves according to their preferences. For example, if a player does not like having certain types of buildings or businesses available in a city, they can simply modify the game so that those buildings and businesses are not available.


Early City Simulation Games and City Building games include “SimCity” (1989), “Zeus” (1993) and “The Settlers” (1993).

Other popular modern City Simulation Games and City Building games include:
One of the earliest video games about cities was called “Street Life”, which was released for computers in 1975. Players were given control over how much money should be spent on different roads, apartments, and other necessary features of a city. The goal of this game was to make players feel like they were playing through their own story about how they built up a new area of land into a thriving city.

One of the most popular games about cities was “The Sims”, which first came out in 2000. This game allowed players to create families and control what they did within their city, including building houses for their families, finding them jobs, having them make friends, and even getting married. Players could also focus on controlling just one character instead of an entire family. The goal of this game was not always to build up a successful city, but sometimes just to have fun with the various challenges that would come up during gameplay. One challenge included being able to unlock ghosts that haunted different areas of the city, forcing players to either choose between spending time trying to get rid of these ghosts or simply learning how to live with them.

Another popular city-focused game was “SimCity 4”, which was released in 2003. This game allowed players to create a city and then control how it grew over time. Players were able to choose from various styles for their city, such as a traditional American city or a European city. They could also choose how pollution and crime would be handled in their city.